dental filling

How do I know I need dental filling?

Tooth decay can badly wreck your smile and lower your self-confidence. Worse about the problem is that you may never be able to prevent it even with a meticulous oral hygiene routine as some biological and lifestyle factors will still make your teeth vulnerable to it.

Dental filling restores your tooth to full function and prevents the decay from spreading to other healthy teeth.

How do I know I need Dental filling?

See your doctor for the checkup if you experience any of the following signs:

  • Tooth pain
  • Fractures and chips
  • Floss tearing when flossing certain teeth
  • A hole on a tooth
  • Sensitivity when biting on certain teeth
  • Food getting stuck between certain teeth
  • Lost tooth filling
  • Tooth starting to feel rough

What type of  Dental filling is best for me?

Fillings are primarily classified on basis of material used to make them. What your dentist recommends for you will be determined by your problem, lifestyle, and budget.


  • Ceramics – Consist of porcelain, mostly stain-resistant, that can last up to twenty years.


  • Composite resins – These can be tooth colored, and form a chemical bonding with the tooth
  • Silver amalgams – Consist of a mixture of tin, zinc, copper, silver, and mercury.
  • Gold fillings – These are made of cast gold and can cost and last as much as ceramics



What to expect during filling

Your dentist will first numb the tooth and the area surrounding it to make the procedure painless. Once you’re completely numb, the dentist will start washing off the decay using a drill. A high volume suction will be used to remove the debris from the tooth and the mouth.

You will then be rinsed clean and the filling will be applied on the surface shaped by the dentist. Exact filling procedures differ depending on the material being applied.

If you suspect you have dental decay and want a dentist to confirm it and provide filling if necessary, Bakersfield Dental Office offers the service in and around Bakersfield. Call 661-322-1300 now to schedule an appointment and have your tooth fixed.